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Oct 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
another four years of president obama and the debate comes as a new poll shows the president and romney are neck and neck in two swing states, virginia and florida to see you obama still has a small lead in ohio to see you. >> so while the latest polls may show a tight race, there's another one that some folks think is more important, yes, it is the 7-eleven indicator to see you it's selling coffee in democrat blue cups with obama's face and republican red featuring romney to see you the tally shows customers favor obama by 60/40 margin to see you the 7-eleven indicator has correctly predicted the winner of the last three u.s. elections to see you. >> i'm not sure that's a huge sample set to see you. >> have they only run it in three elections? >> good question to see you what's interesting, jetblue for its part is also getting in on the presidential election saying that if your candidate doesn't win, it will pay for you to fly -- >> interesting the colors in the uk are the other way around to see you. >> isn't it? we need to discuss this to see you but, yes, i don't know -- when i got
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
of the specific issues julian mentioned, if you don't think the polls have moved that much, then you aren't looking that closely. ohio is now within very much the margin of error. florida is going toward romney. and you're looking at states like michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire, very much in play. this race is extremely tight. and that debate last night did not help democrats at all because guess what, joe biden did not explain why the ticket deserves to have four more years. he did attack the romney/ryan ticket, but wasn't really able to take any credit for any achievements because there haven't been any. on the libyan situation, he was really embarrassing because he contradicted not just the department of state, but he really threw the intelligence community under the bus using them as a defense for what has been a coverup of a terrorist attack on 9/11. >> julian, do you want to get in here? >> yeah, let me respond. first of all, i think that the polls have moved a little bit in places like florida, not substantially enough in ohio, pennsylvania, michigan. secondly, i think -- >> i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2